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Bonnie's Yoga Shala Gift Certificates
Red Hoodie

Our newest creation is the medium weight hoodie in vibrant Red with bright white art. All cotton, comfy and cozy, with the Bonnie's Yoga Shala Lotus mandala and Om emblazoned on the chest, plus our name down the sleeve. Unisex sizes for both men and women.


Purple Long Sleeve T shirt

Another one of our newest creations is the long sleeve T shirt in vibrant purple with bright white art. 100% cotton, with the Bonnie's Yoga Shala Lotus mandala and Om emblazoned on the chest, plus our name down the sleeve. Unisex sizes for both men and women.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

(Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)

Hand made, Tibetan Singing bowls. All have Tibetan writing of "Om Mani Padmi Hum" on them. Many have additional artwork. 

$30 - $450
Tibetan Singing Bowls & Sticks

  • Tibet Awakened Heart by Tenzin Choegya
  • Heart Sutra by Tenzin Chorgral
  • Live Ananda by Krishna Das


Krishna Das CD - Live at Ananda, Tenzen Chegul - Awaken Heart

Tibetan Mala Beads

Hand selected and brought home from Tibet!

$25.00 + Additional for Shipping
Handmade HAPPY Yoga Blocks 
have been getting a lot of attention since I posted a few pictures of the process I used. Sheperd start with clear pine or poplar, free of any knots or defects. Each block is made of 6 layers. The blocks are SOLID and HEAVY. They are sanded smooth and the edges are all rounded over. They are a pleasure to use and will support you like a good friend, and will not slip out from under you. I love woodworking, and build each block with joy and intention. Whether I'm singing the Maha Mantra, leaving secret messages in glue between the layers of wood, or planing off the perfect curl of wood, these are HAPPY Yoga blocks. The standard size Yoga block is a little over 9 inches tall, 4 1/2 inches thick, and about 3 1/2 inches wide. Price is per block, order 2 for a matched pair. Blocks are made to order, so allow a couple days for your blocks to be built.
Blocks can be shipped, but they are heavy, so figure on $20 for shipping. Even better yet, your blocks will be ready for you when you come to class with Bonnie!

$40 for the set. $20 per block + $20 for shipping 
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Solid Handmade Meditation Benches
are also made with the same attention to detail as the "Happy Yoga Blocks". There are two sizes to help you relax comfortable in a seated position for longer periods of time. 
Giving you the oppportunity to feel painfree while sitting quietly, being still, and a chance to reflect and meditate.

Small $45
Large $50
+ $20 for Shipping
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Nag Champa Incense (imported)
$3 per box
Triloka Original Herbal Incense 

Triloka is known for being the best smelling natural aromatherapy incense on the market! All Triloka incense is handmade in India by our fair trade cottage industry partners, with over 150 years of family tradition. Our unique formulas are made by the natural masala method. This age-old method combines sandalwood, herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils into a paste and is hand-rolled onto fine bamboo sticks and sun dried. Triloka incense is used for aromatherapy, purification and meditation. ABSOLUTELY NO DIPPING!

$3 per package. (10 sticks per pack)
+ additional charge for shipping
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Triloka Chakra Incense

Large Tibetan Dharma Prayer Flags

Enjoy our long-lasting and durable flags, as an inspiring gift for anyone on any occasion!

We offer two varieties of flags in the traditional elemental colors; blue-space/either, white-water, red-fire, green-air, yellow-earth. Each strand has twenty one flags. Our most popular flags are “Green Tara.” Additionally, we have “Lungta” prayer flag, Lungta, the Windhorse, means 'prayer flags.'

$25 for each strand of 21 flags + $15 for Shipping 

Tibetan Cymbals (Tingshas)

Our Tingshas are made in sets of two, and matched according to the tone. They are made of a special alloy with the thickness and shape being important elements in creating the beautiful overtones. The Tibetan Tingshas are traditionally used for ceremonial functions throughout the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan. When struck together the sound fills the atmosphere with reverberating overtones and helps one to clear the mind of thoughts. Tingshas are used before a meditation sitting or while chanting mantras. They can also be used with certain instruments but are not specifically tuned. Various motifs accompany the Tingshas - the most popular are mantras, the eight auspicious symbols, or dragons. The dragon is a symbol of supreme spirituality and the image of divine power of transformation.

3 different patterns $45 each. (Shipping and handling extra $15)