Here's What People are Saying...

Bonnie, I am so grateful for your classes! I have benefitted so much - from inversions to meditations, to all your teachings and experience. You always give so much! Namaste! oxo Arden

Why I came to Bonnie's Yoga Shala? I did yoga in the past with different teachers and different places, but when I met Bonnie 3 years at the community center, I knew this is MY teacher.  This is Yoga, for me. First of all, when I came to Bonnie, I had a frozen shoulder and she did "her yoga magic" and without any surgery, in a year I was free from all pain, and all my movements came back. I am very grateful to Bonnie for this.  We just have a special connection together. She's always ready to help and I know she does a lot of her magic (healing) even when I am not with her. Thank you for everything you do for me and my family. God bless you.  Polina Z. 10/15/2019

So happy to be back at the Shala with you ❤️ ... I have missed it ... & you... Your yoga practice is one of the best blessings I have encountered in my life. You are truly an amazing teacher because you care about each individual and you have the capacity to teach to every person at the level they need. Your warmth, generosity and kindness bring light and energy to all who are blessed to have you in their life. Namaste ❤️ Carol

Bonnie is Awesome!Her energy draws you into "the Shala". She Reads your body and spirit to guide your healing through yoga!!
Amy Ceconi

I didn't know true yoga until I found Bonnie. I love going to class twice a week, because it is not only good for my body, but good for my soul. Bonnie is such a wonderful teacher, who always challenges her students, but also knows when to make any necessary modifications. Bonnie has helped me physically, emotionally & spiritually. I am forever grateful to my dear yoga teacher.  Joanne Costa

Bonnie, I like your classes because you challenge me beyond my limitations! Thank you! Andrea C.

You're the Best!! Love you & the classes. Wish you much healing. Melissa O.

Thank you Bonnie for everything. I am so grateful I met you and you are part of my life, your wisdom, your energy, your classes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Adriana Gheta

Bonnie this  class just Changed my life ❤️ Thank you. I look forward to my true awakening! ❤️ Margaret.

HI Bonnie, how are you doing? I want to let you know that the piece inspired by you, Even though it's no longer a yoga pose, it's inspired by your strong and independent spirit, and evolved over time is completed. It has such a positive message that I have already sold my 1st edition and am getting more orders. http://www.estherkonglo.com/#/freedom/. Thank you so much for inviting me to your home and posing for me. From strength and flexibility comes freedom, and so your spirit lives on! ~Esther Konglo

Hi Bonnie, I thinks about you often and describe you as a vehicle for bringing holiness into the world.
Yossi, your Chabadnik neighbor

Bonnie Ringer is completely focused on the positive and well being for all. Bonnie not only is trained in Yoga but her deeper study of self and overall health benefits of the yoga, she is more centered, open, warm, loving and wise than other yogis I have studied under. 

Bonnie is blessed to not only be the complete athlete but is able to help and focus the over all goal of inner peace and good health through her teachings of others and willingness to guide, support and enlighten.

Any time with Bonnie on the mat stretches one to do more than they thought they could. I often have told friends how she made me a 'human pretzel' in a session that ended in making me feel completely at ease, refreshed and balanced. Physical and mental balance is important to me as I have a problem in this area and Bonnie's ability to help adjust a student exactly right makes all the difference for both areas.

It is through Bonnie that I have learned more about grace and self and inner peace more so than anyone else in my entire life. The only comparison is time spent at the beach but the feeling of true freedom comes the same way from both to me.
Bev Simon

Bonnie Ringer I wish I live closer to you guys. I would definitely try to take part in some of your classes. I went to one of your evening classes once and I loved every minute of it. You are a great teacher. The experience left a very positive imprint w/ me. I have tried to take other yoga classes w/ other people nearby where I live and not one of them came close to the experience I had in your class. All have left me dissapointed. One of these days I will be back for one of your classes.😍
Larry Tke

This is a long-overdue thank you...in bonnie's class a few weeks ago, I accomplished something I had been striving to do for a very long time. Bonnie, thank you so much for your support and encouragement and the skills you gave me to reach this milestone in my practice. and thank you to everyone in that class for helping me as well. Bonnie, you are amazing!
Carolyn Pagliuca Meda

Hi Bonnie, 
Just want to say a quick hello and a moment to show my gratitude
I hope you are doing well.
I just finished my 200h YTT.  Your teaching has influenced me greatly.
I am so appreciative of what you taught me, thank you!
Sending love, Ilana H.

I feel a lot better. Thank you so much. You are a miracle worker! I look forward to seeing you again. Enjoy your upcoming Cancun trip!
Eve Z.

Good morning I would like to thank you for the power and some kind relief that you gave me yesterday. I can't put this in to words Just THANK YOU Very Very much for being a Great Teacher and mainly a Healer!

When I started the practice there really wasn't anyone quite like you around, and now, that I found you, my practice has grown by leaps and bounds! The best part is you are always available through Facetime or Skype, so I can join you in the group classes or schedule a private when ever I want. Thank you for always sharing your love and compassion for the practice and more than that, your stories of Tibet, your life experiences and taking the time to really care about each and everyone of us. I feel so blessed to have found you. P.S. I absolutely love, love, love the Enchanted Yoga Garden Deck you built, making my summer time practice even that much better! I mean over the top better! Big huggs and kisses!
The little girl you helped out a long time ago.... 

There's no other teacher that brings the spiritual aspect of the teachings as you do to each and every class thank you Bonnie!
Corrina Lucke

Thanks for the conversation Bonnie, and the amazing class! Feeling so blessed to have such a cool yoga teacher :-)
Jacob Scheer

Bonnie is one of the most amazingly skilled, and talented instructors i have met in my travels. Those who know and my background know my comments are not to be taken lightly. Follow her page and do not take her lightly. Bonnie feeds the world with what we all need and her students and friends love her for her truth and dedication and the mental and physical enlightenment she is providing.
All my love to Bonnie and Shep.
Sonnie Whitmore

Hi Bonnie,
First I want to say thank you for taking me. Even when your class was completely full. I really love the class and you are a great teacher! I will see you next week. Everyday I am going to practice some yoga.
Namaste, Shanthi

Thank you so much for the class tonight! I am still vibrating with energy from all the inversions! hope you had a beautiful night and a little outdoor time! You are an amazing teacher and I feel privileged to be learning more yoga from you and with you! namaste<3one love,
Kristin Devine

About a year ago I started to attend Bonnie’s yoga classes two to three times a week. I can’t tell you how much this year has made a difference in my life. Thanks to Bonnie’s guidance, her never ending patience and her belief in all her students I have accomplished more than I thought would ever be possible at an age of 55+. She tells us that age is only a number and always encourages us to never give up. Thanks to her I can now do a headstand, a forearm stand, the wheel and many other challenging positions despite being a complete beginner when I started. But her classes are much more than just about doing exercises in a peaceful setting. She is a life coach, a motivational speaker and every time her classes end I go home happier. Thank you Bonnie for being such a great inspiration.
Sabina Briese

Bonnie is truly a gift to any aspiring yogi. Her patience, attention to detail, ability to correct the slightest misalignment and constantly inspiring dialogue are what sets her apart from the pack. Bonnie's history as a student with some of the most remarkable gurus and her almost lifetime of practice are clearly visible in her skills as a teacher. If anyone is looking for someone special to learn from and study with, Bonnie is it. 
Rachel Rosen

Highly recommend! Great atmosphere! Very comfortable setting! Bonnie makes you feel like you've known her for years!
Sarah Brennan

Bonnie is my Yoga teacher, but she’s also much more than that – Bonnie is a life teacher and a good example of how to treat students and how we should treat each other.  Some of the best Yoga classes I took were in Bonnie’s Yoga Shala: she’s a great teacher and the energy is excellent. Bonnie teaches yamas and niyamas, but more importantly – she lives them. Bonnie teaches the essence of Yoga, and not just the physical part of it. I admire her as a Yoga teacher, as a person and as a friend, and I admire her dedication to the Tibetan Home of Hope and to Humanity.
Martin Knezenic

Best place on EARTH!!! It was an awesome class! ~Amy Bonn Meltzer 

Bonnie is a shining star in a sea of Yoga teachers. Yet she is so much more than a Yoga teacher. She is a gifted medium, skilled therapist, spiritual Guru, motivational speaker, life coach, philanthropist, and all around cool person. She uses all her talents to give you so much more than what you come to expect from a Yoga class. You leave with everything you ever asked for and more.
Shep Ringer

Amazing place and amazing teacher. She is the reason I got over my fear of headstands and can actually do them now ❤ she really pushes you to get over your fears and that it's better to keep trying then to not try it at all.
Kristen Nocerino

Bonnie's yoga sessions are a gift, to the soul. She is knowledgable , patient, and a physical tool for my body . Namaste
Sharon Kass

The best yoga teacher ever. She'll bring out not only what you hoped to do but things you thought you couldn't.
Yvonne Pagano

Love her!!
Randy Drummer

Healing energy and love combine to form the inner workings of a fantastic yoga guru. This is the place to be to find your inner chi.
Zachary Ringer

Bonnie's love & passion for yoga is very inspiring as it shows in her practice! Amazing classes!!!
Joanna Pavia

Bonnie is truly a spiritual teacher. She has a magnetic energy that soothes and heals.
Amy Laliberte-Smith

Consistently incomparable yoga - the real deal.
Rita Sabatino

Bonnie is absolutely 5-star! Love her and the Shala!
Carolyn Pagliuca Meda

I love Bonnie. She gives do much. Yoga with Bonnie is a life experience not to be missed. I learn so much about myself in every class. 
Joyce Griggs

There is no distance where Yoga unites the law & wonder and balance of oneness in the world. You are the very epitome of the beauty of living. 
Bless you, Tao Porchan-Lynch

"Like her ~ Watch, get inspired" ...She has some really good tricks ~ it makes it (the asana) easier to do. My blessings to Bonnie Ringer for helping spread the love and compassion embedded in the Dharma Yoga system. May she continue to transform the lives of others in the years to come. 
Master Sri Dharma Mittra -

Dear Bonnie, 
Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I know these teachers in training learnt a lot today. Your students are in very good hands. You are the real thing, teaching real yoga! You are the true essence of Yoga. I love you Bonnie!
With Love, Tao Porchon-Lynch

Anything you want, Bonnie! Anything ~ just ask! You don’t fold my white shawl in this lifetime, I fold for you. I know we knew each other from before, we are old friends; I can feel it. 
Joan Suval ~ A founding member of Ananda Ashram

You’re great! Helping the kids in Tibet. Maybe on your next trip back, you can show them my video.
Krishna Das  

Hi Bonnie,
The class was wonderful, and I felt very comfortable there even surprising myself in the process. I'm exhausted from the workout, but my shoulders are better and more open, and the hip is a bit less sore as is my foot. It's time to move in every sense of the word and I so look forward to the next class. Thank you again for the reading as well. The timing on everything is right. Now I know what Lisa has been talking about with her practice with you!
Peace, love, joy,
Clare Waterhouse

Bonnie is one of the most amazingly skilled, and talented instructors i have met in my travels. Those who know and my background know my comments are not to be taken lightly. Follow her page and do not take her lightly. Bonnie feeds the world with what we all need and her students and friends love her for her truth and dedication and the mental and physical enlightenment she is providing.
All my love to Bonnie and Shep.
Sonny Whitmore, DE

The first time I stumbled into Bonnie's 2/3 class I had no idea what in the world I was getting myself into. I remember being exhausted, laughing uncontrollably into my mat as she hovered above the ground with a foot behind her head, incessantly jibing us to man up and follow suit... Anyone who raises the bar in such a way is worth spending time with.
Personally, pertaining though not limited to my asana practice, my ability and resolve has been both tried and nourished through Bonnie's guidance. It's refreshing to have found a teacher who not only shares her love of the practice but also herself with her students. I'm grateful for the time spent with Bonnie both on and off the mat and would like to thank her for being a constant source of support and compassion. I encourage anyone interested in deepening their practice to visit Bonnie at the Shala she has poured her heart into.
Love, Light, and Sparkles. ~ Mike S. Rockville, MD

Dear Bonnie, Shep and Ellie, 

We just want to thank you; for all that you do for THOH! On behalf of all the children currently being cared for at THOH, we would like to thank you for your very generous contributions. We are deeply grateful for your dedication, hard work, time, effort, and love for the children at THOH. Without your family, none of this would be possible. We hope to continue this journey with you three! You are appreciated!!! 

Tashi Dolma and Tashi Rabtan – Founders of Tibetan Home Of Hope Orphanage

Yoga and Bonnie's Yoga Shala Teacher Training made me a much more confident person. It has made me stronger and I know I can move forward and share my knowledge. My practice has improved greatly. I get deeper and more properly aligned in my poses, I get deeper in my Meditation, I feel the power of my OMs and enjoy it all! I have learned so much information that people ask me questions about and I know the answers. I do not force myself, my opinions, or my information on anyone, but have the information and so much love for what I do that if I get the opportunity, I share it! I truly feel and believe that what I have accomplished on the mat really does translate to off the mat. 

If I knew someone who was interested in a teacher training I would absolutely recommend Bonnie, the same as I do when I talk about Yoga. I always recommend Bonnie! I love what I do there (Bonnie’s Yoga Shala) I love what I learn and what I continue to learn and would want others to get the same. 

I hope that I make a good teacher and I’m very grateful for all I’ve learned and all the information I have gained to bring forward. 

Carolyn Meda, Registered Bonnie’s Yoga Shala Teacher

Bonnie's Yoga Shala Teacher Training has changed me in many ways. It made me see what Karma yoga is and how good it feels to do good deeds and to go beyond what I normally do and would consider as good deeds. To look for good deeds and notice how these opportunities just have a way of showing up; and Karma Yoga feels good! I have a much greater appreciation for the job as a yoga teacher ~ It’s not easy! I now have a better understanding of partner yoga and adjusting students. One must know how to treat them (the student) with care. 

I would recommend Bonnie’s Yoga Shala teacher training for anyone who is really serious about learning yoga from an excellent teacher and not just the asanas (poses). It is so much more with Bonnie! 

My biggest learning lesson was compassion. Compassion for people who need our help. Compassion for your students and for your children and your husband. Not always easy, but it’s important to practice it. 

Susan Chindemi, Registered Bonnie’s Yoga Shala Teacher 

Bonnie’s Teacher Training improved my practice greatly! I was able to find my headstand over to backbend, which was a very over whelming task for prior to training with Bonnie. I also have almost found my forearm stand in the middle of the room and handstands against the wall. This is hug for me, since I came to the practice with a lot of fears. My knowledge on teaching traditional Hatha yoga, Meditation and Pranayama has also improved greatly.

What I really liked about the training was the required reading list, and Bonnie having us become vegetarian during the six months. I had always wanted to become one, but it would have taken me another five years if she didn’t push me. The training had all the teachings I was searching for. Spiritual, advanced poses, and how I would go about teaching it. If someone wanted a quick fix short-term yoga teacher training, I would say go somewhere else. But if you are really serious about learning from a Master Yogi; Bonnie is it! She is the real thing and she has been practicing since 1986!

My biggest accomplishment was removing fear from my practice, my life and my teachings. I want to thank you so much Bonnie for all that you did for us!

Carrie Mackey, Registered Bonnie’s Yoga Shala Teacher

Bonnie’s Yoga Shala teacher training has impacted my life in numerous ways. One thing that immediately comes to mind is the discipline that was required and thus cultivated as part of my daily life. During this training many things have “clicked”. So many of the ideas, philosophies and even postures that I “knew” on an intellectual level have now come to me on a deeper, spiritual level. For example, of course I knew that what we experience in life, we have attracted. I’ve experienced proof of this many times in my life. I however, over the last 48 hours, my experiences have proven this irrefutably. Yesterday, seemingly inexplicably, I had teaching opportunities (multiple) “find me”. I know that I attracted this. Likewise, today I was thinking and saying that I wish I didn’t have to teach my class today. Sure enough, I was stuck in traffic and had to cancel it! 

The point is that previous to this training, I don’t know that this correlation would have been crystal clear to me. I am so much more aware now. My teaching and personal practice have grown in so many ways. My practice has gone to places I didn’t know it could go to in this short amount of time.

I would certainly recommend this teacher training to a friend or a loved one. However, I would only recommend it to someone who had the mental, emotional and physical fortitude to do so. I would definitely consider doing a 500-hour Bonnie’s Yoga Shala Teacher Training!

Amy Kovatis, Registered Bonnie’s Yoga Shala Teacher

Bonnie’s Yoga Shala teacher training has educated me in ways physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that all my thirty-two years of stuffing dance has not! I have learned more about my body through the training, informing me of ways I could never move before coming to the practice with Bonnie. My practice has significantly deepened and advances as a result of Bonnie’s style of teaching as well as her vast knowledge and extensive yogic experience. I have become more self-realized through the practice. 

I would recommend Bonnie’s teacher training to a friend or a loved one because Bonnie is so unique and so passionate about her teachings. I feel more open, more confident, more secure and less fearful as a result of practicing with Bonnie. 

If asked to be a part of the 500-hour teacher training with Bonnie. I would be honored. I would be happy to assist in any way that I could in future 200-hours teacher trainings with her. My experience with the teacher training and my practice with Bonnie have altered my life quite positively! I am so grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me during this journey in becoming a yoga teacher. 

I feel so lucky to have been a part of this adventure. Thank you (Bonnie) for every hour, every word, every smile and every tear! I am so thrilled to have reconnected with you. I am so thankful for all of your teaching. I learned so much.  You are so dynamic, so special, so Amazing! 

I only hope to be as learned as you!
Om Shanti! Namaste! 

MichelleDana Shafran, Registered Bonnie’s Yoga Shala Teacher

Hi Bonnie. I loved our class in the enchanted garden yesterday. It was just what I needed. Thank you!
I will see you Friday night, after this week I'll be back to class twice a week!
Have a great week!
Joanne Costa

Hi Bonnie,
I loved your class and look forward to practicing yoga at your Shala many times more in the future!
I hope you have an awesome weekend! I look forward to your class next Tuesday!

Hi bonnie, I never forgot our time together at ananda ashram. It was life changing for me. As a result, I fell in love with contact yoga and am in the process of get my TT cert in Acroyoga. I love it on so many levels. Maybe one day we can work together again. Where are you offering a workshop here, there or anywhere? Would love to reconnect with you. Have a zenful weekend xo
Donna S. - Brooklyn, NY

"Will miss Friday nights. I will be sure to keep a eye out for your workshops. I learned much from you, You are a special teacher"
Denis R. - Monroe, NY Thank you! I feel fantastic both spiritually and physically. I'm so happy that the Ashram brought us together. 

Peter Deserto ~ Monroe, NY 

Thanks, Bonnie! Your class and personality are so uplifting and inspiring. I've thought a bunch about flying, thinking about why you make it a focus so much in your class. There are so many poses, but the 2 classes I took from you are really about flying. I don't think of that as a major goal for me, but I enjoy trying it when I come across it with you! I would be great at it if I did it more... Hope we can play again sometime this summer!

Thanks for sharing your wonderfulness,
Robyn Rubenstein ~Self Made Artist

Hi Bonnie

I am doing well and I hope you are too! It sounds like you are doing pretty great; I have been enjoying your posts about your graduating students and your new deck.
Yes I sure do miss your classes and especially given that the one offered at the Ashram is basically at my doorstep! I will see you soon either at the Ashram or the Shala or both!!

Thank you!

Missed you! I have come to love Friday's yoga class. See you Friday!


Dear Bonnie,
I want to learn Yoga from you because I had such a positive experience yesterday evening.
My goal is to learn head stand from you because you talked about fear - the fear of twisting my neck!
I was inspired by the way you helped the woman in front of me to my right.  She used to use the wall, and you said it was all about fear. And she did it!  I witnessed a breakthrough in your class.

I want to work on my fear.  I almost drown when I was 10 year old in a river, since then I was very afraid of water.  But last year, I practiced swimming and much fear has gone.

I really want to start training with you as soon as possible.

You are blessed because you are a blessing to so many under heaven.

Om Mani Padme Hum 
James Law

Bonnie Ringer, has inspired me greatly. Although I have taken yoga on and off for years, I have never been so inspired on spiritual, physical, and emotional levels. 

Ms. Ringer practices what she preaches-she teaches from her heart, inspiring her students to awaken their souls via yoga practice. Since beginning my journey three months ago, I have become vegetarian, practice asanas regularly, and have a much better appreciation for the impact of my thoughts and behaviors on others. As a psychologist, I encourage those I work with to engage in yoga as well, although I realize that every individual’s journey is unique. Through studying with Ms. Ringer, I realize that I can achieve my full potential as my yoga journey continues to strengthen my body, my mind, and my soul. 

Ms. Ringer is the essence of all that yoga symbolizes. 

Amy Trachter,Psy.D.,Ph.D.


I enjoyed your class last night very much.
You have a gift for pushing and educating your students and at the same time providing a fun and lively setting.

Thank you,
Dennis ~ Monroe, NY

Your class was so awesome, thank you! I loved the partner yoga and head stands! I was practicing this morning : ) I hope to come to class in nanuet soon!

Jessica - Pomona, NY

Hey Bonnie,

I loved your class last night at Ananda!  Your determination really fires my up and makes me feel that "good" isn't enough.  I want to do more and show myself and others that I can!  Thanks for always inspiring me and everyone in the room!

Thank you so much for the class tonight! I am still vibrating with energy from all the inversions! Hope you had a beautiful night and a little outdoor time! You are an amazing teacher and I feel privileged to be learning more yoga from you and with you! 

Namaste <3 one Love, Kristin Devine

Dearest Bonnie,

Wishing you a Happy Spring!  Just a note to remind you how grateful I am that you opened my heart & soul to my weight loss journey through Yoga.  I have been so
mindful of your teachings & practice. I have learned to be at peace with many things & have been nourishing my soul - especially on my mat.  Thanks Again Love

Margie Morales - Stony Point, NY

Bonnie has had an incredibly positive influence on my life, teaching me how to stand up tall, not only physically, but mentally.
Bonnie is graceful and elegant to watch as she demonstrates poses. With the slightest adjustment, she shows you not only that you can go further, but she shows you just how far you can go. I am doing things I never thought I would -- I love and truly appreciate all my progress. Every time I leave the Shala, I truly look forward to when I will be there again. Bonnie, thank you for all you are and all you have given to me.

Carolyn Meda - New City, NY

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Now I want a "I survived Bonnie's Yoga Shala Tee-shirt" Can’t wait to get back to you, for some more Chestnut cracking. I am already pushing myself further in twists and think about your words on fear in arm balances so your inspiration is already soaking in. See you next week.

David Colin - Ringwood, NJ

Hi Bonnie,

So nice to meet you yesterday. Really enjoyed your class. Was surprised to find I could get into wheel. It is a pose I avoid!!! Feeling a little sore today but a good sore. Looking forward to seeing you again & to the next 3 classes with you.

Suzanne Richards Tanajewski

Hi Bonnie,

I want to thank you for the wonderful class on Monday night in your very special Yoga Shala. It is a magical space, and I'm so glad that I acted on the impulse to just go!  As soon as I can, I will join you for the Monday night classes. Thanks to Shep too!

Shanti Om,

Sue Simring - Tenafly, New Jersey


Thank you so much for an inspiring worship today at Ananta. You are amazing and I hope to practice with you again soon!

Karen Beneck Gittleman

Hi Bonnie,
Just want to say thanks for a great class today!  I'm feeling lighter! You're the best!  I probably don't tell you that often enough.
See you Friday.
Liz Berg, New City, NY

Dear Bonnie,

I’d like you to have this necklace.  I think of you as a teapot, which holds endless knowledge of yogi techniques, value of life, and unselfishness of your own self. You always give and pour onto someone’s cup to see and realize what the life should be: peace, unconditional love toward all things, and giving.  Hope you wear it!

Thanks for all your wisdom and teaching.

Diana Hughes, PhD – Old Tappan, NJ

Dear Bonnie,

I am so blessed that the Positive forces in the universe (the ones that actually want me to be happy) conspired to send me to your yoga classes.  Yoga, and you in particular as the vehicle that has brought it to me, have had so many wonderful effects on my life and me.  I am so grateful to have been introduced to yoga and as a very special bonus, like the icing on the cake, to come to know you as well!


Rita Sabatino, Guidance Counselor – Nyack, NY

I have studied yoga with Bonnie for more than 10 years following her from studio to studio and now studying with her at her own Yoga Shala in Nanuet. I have grown so much and the practice of yoga has seen me through some difficult times and Bonnie was there for me as a compassionate teacher and friend. I am now a yoga instructor and have taken the experience that I have had and the teachings that I have grown with to share with others. Bonnie has an amazing ability to have you move past your fears and frustrations to reach beyond where you did not know was possible. Bonnie has had faith in me and has given me more confidence in myself. I look forward to the times that I can practice yoga at her shala. She provides a safe and warm space to practice and her enthusiasm is contagious. I think that Bonnie's true talent as a teacher is in her personalized instruction and hands on adjustments.

It is my honor to be of service to Bonnie.


Lorraine Linzenberg
Mahwah, NJ 07430

It is my pleasure to speak about Bonnie. Bonnie has been my yoga teacher (and dear friend) for 6 1/2 years.
I came to her with a lot of chronic physical discomfort, no doctor or medicine could heal. 
I have been symptom free for 6 years. Bonnie has a way of zeroing in on just what is needed to get to the result.... which is usually through hard work, extremely broad knowledge base, and 25+ years of her growing in her own practice, lots of love and tenderness and some good laughs too.
She is a wonderful teacher!

Sincerely your,
Lisa Bogatin
Palisades, New York 10964

Hi Bonnie!

Thank you for a beautiful class and for your beautiful words. You are so, so kind. Your classes are always inspirational and tons of fun! You are a phenomenal teacher full of insight, tremendous knowledge, and compassion and your energy is contagious. You have touched so many lives and I feel very fortunate to know you and have you as a teacher and a friend. 
Thank you for all that you do!

All my love,
Audra Bursae

Dear Bonnie,

"Thanks for the beautiful reminder of the Miracle of Life. I miss you and wish you love, light and every blessing as your return to Kirpalu for another seminar. May Gods Radiant Light surround you, May Gods Love Bless You and all you reach out to. Wherever you go, whatever you do, GOD IS ALREADY THERE!!!"

Om Shanti Rev., Linda Cali

"The workshop at Kripalu was truly magical. You had a profound affect on my yoga practice as well as my spirit."
Noelle Bartholomew

"Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening journey. I feel very blessed to have met you, Shep and everyone we practiced with. The group worked together with amazing energy with your guidance. My hips are still singing with joy. My son loves his Tibetan flags, they are hanging in his room. He was educating me today about their significance. My daughter is wearing her Mala Beads. I took the day off to let the energy settle within my mind, body and spirit before I entered the workforce."
With love and gratitude,

Hey Bonnie,
"I have to say I really enjoy your classes and your vibrant energy, I truly thank you for your inspiration and light. I'm so grateful to have found you!

Is it possible to do a private with Scott and I covering Adjustments? I would like to offer the instructors a master class or workshop with you too. (Maybe back bending and inversions)

Also if there's a workshop you would like to do (open to all) please let me know. Thanks Bonnie and talk to you soon : )"

Om Shanti,
Owner, Head Instructor, Bamboomoves Yoga

Hi Bonnie,
"My name is Ambily and I attended the workshop at your beautiful shala on Saturday with the staff from Bamboomoves. Words cannot express what I felt after that workshop. You catapulted me to places in my personal practice that I had misconceptions about having to develop through time. *If not now, when?* I reflect on that thought more and more now and I see that anything is possible, especially after getting up in headstand and forearm stand! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking me there!
During an adjustment you looked down at me and said you saw my father or uncle. I did not want to get emotional at the time, but you were right on the money because I had gotten into a bad argument with my father just two days before the workshop and it was weighing heavily on my heart because we hadn't talked to each other since. After you sensed that, I was in shock that someone that had no idea about my personal life could detect that and I did not want that to continue to eat away at the both of my father and myself and even the rest of my family so I apologized and we are back on speaking terms.
Also, you may be happy to know that soon after the workshop I invested in a new mat. I had just received a gift card earlier in the week to Lululemon and a lightbulb turned on in my head after leaving the workshop that it would probably be smarter to invest in a mat rather than clothing which I already have enough of. Anyway, the point in me telling you all this is that I just want to let you know that you impacted my life and for that I am so very grateful. God has put you in my life as a shining example of what it means to live our lives to the best of our abilities in the present moment. I hope to come see you again before I go to India at the end of this month for more yoga training. Any words of wisdom are welcome! Thank you again for all that you have done and continue to do. Om Namah Shivaya! Namaste!"
Ambily Abraham, RYT
Englewood, NJ

Hey Bonnie, thank you for all your help on class today. Thank you for all of your love and support,

Xo Jay (Jason Zagaro, Yoga Teacher)

"Last night was a huge success! How can I thank you for your time? I am so happy you were part of it and I will remember it forever. I really appreciate your ability to cope and handle pressure so easily. We raised lots of money for a great cause and put on a good show too! You were so calm and beautifully poised."
Peace and Love,
Gena ~ GenaLisa Lingerie, Nyack, NY

" You're Awesome. Loved the class. I am a Psychologist and Reiki Master so I Love  that you are into the energetic aspect of yoga."
 Amy B. Trachter, Psy.D., Ph.D.

 " I am a friend of Lauren's and I came to your class on Friday.   I know that if I practiced with you, that it would take my practice to a new level.  I really enjoyed your class and would love to come more often. Thanks again for such a great class!"

Trella Dolgin ~ School Teacher & Employee of Lululemon

Hawthorne, NJ

" Thank you so much for all the yoga and your inspiration!  It has really helped me in my life and I really appreciate it and you!"

Lisa Grubb ~ Artist, Owner of Happy Dog Gallery

Piermont, NY

 "I went to physical therapy after our class together and the therapist said my leg bent better than it has since  May. I thought I would share that with you and say thanks for your time, effort and passion."

Clarkstown Police Officer

"Here's a note of thanks! For being joyful, supportive & understanding.  You have tried to get me going, but I just need to organize my hectic life - it's so comforting to know that peace & sanctuary are available to me. I love you - cherish the joy you have brought into my life."

Sophia a.k.a Loren DeNicola ~ School teacher

Bardonia, NY

"Thank you for all of your energy and zest for Life! "

Love, Amy Metzen ~ Physician’s Assistant

Nyack, NY

"Thanks for a wonderful, healthy, pain free 6 years. I love you!"

Lisa Bogatin ~ Owner of Kid's Supply Co.

Palisades, NY

"There are some people who defy definition, who inspire, who amaze... you are one of them."

With Love, Joann Tedesco ~ RN 

Congers, NY

"You are my Sunshine! Yes - you are my favorite yoga teacher ever. You have helped me through a hard time and I am forever grateful. You are the happiest person I know and you are so generous with your  love. Thank You!"

Love Annie  Hickman ~ Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher 

Chestnut Ridge, NY

"You provided me with the courage and guidance to improve and deepen my practice. Bonnie helped me see the world upside down, whether on my hands or in my head"

Lorraine Linzenberg ~ Yoga Instructor

Registered Yoga Alliance #29932
Mahwah, NJ

"Wow what an amazing day! The first time I ever kicked back from a backbend and the first time I ever held a handstand! I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for my practice so far. In just the short time I have been going to the Shala I have gotten so much stronger and progressed more then in over two years with  other teachers. I get so excited for every class because I wonder what new posture I will learn! You are such an inspiration and a great teacher."
Thank you so much for everything.
Lauren Armstrong,
Westwood, New Jersey

My experience at Bonnie's Yoga Shala has been incredible!!! Her Yoga is a oneness in its entirety. The 8 limbs of Yoga are taught and honored. I have never experienced the complete asanas before I came to the Shala. Bonnie truly is the Teacher....she takes time to explain the correct positioning and alignment and helps you have the experience in the posture instead of only keeping up with a flow. Her classes actually motivate you to want to practice in between just to come to the next class!! Men and women of all ages, sizes, and levels can enjoy the classes and learn more about themselves while practicing. Her prior experience finding her practice and her love of teaching others keeps so many coming each week to enjoy the classes! Thank you Bonnie for having a Shala that totally offers a True Yoga experience!!

Kristin Devine
Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach

Very exciting time for me to be doing a yoga teacher training. Especially exciting to be doing the training with such a organic person as Bonnie.  So amazing how the universe works, after ten years, seeing Bonnie at Ananda Ashram, just in time to take her training.  What a perfect world!

Michelledan Shafran - Westchester, NY

Bonnie is an awe-inspiring teacher. As a teacher myself, I can honestly say that she has brought my teaching, as well as my personal practice, to an entirely new level. She is a master of adjustments and uses her many years of experience to transition students into postures they never thought possible. For beginners and advanced students alike, Bonnie will guide you as you expand your physical practice and allow you to tap into the true potential of your body, mind and soul. 

Amy K., Woodcliff Lake, NJ