Tashi & Tashi Massage and Bath Oils, Summer White T-Shirts, Short Sleeve Shirts, Cami's, Tanks, Racer Back Purple Burnout Tops, Long Sleeved Light Weight T-Shirts, Long Sleeved Spring Teal Hoodies, Vegan Hand Sculpted Soaps, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Tibetan Mala Beads, Silk Prayer Shawls, Tibetan Elements Soap, Meditation Benches, Imported Nag Champa Incense, Incense Holders, Tibetan Singing Bowls, The Dalai Lama Quote Scrolls, Hand Painted Tibetan Thonkas of Tara & Buddha!
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Bonnie's Yoga Shala Gift Certificates


Tibetan Singing Bowls

 (Small, Medium, large)

$30 - $80

Hand made, Tibetan Singing bowls. All have Tibetan writing of "Om Mani Padmi Hum" on them. Some have additional artwork.

 Tibetan Silk Prayer Shawls
$30 in the Shala
$35 when Shipped
All of the Prayer Shawls Profits go to Tibetan Home Of Hope!

Tibetan Singing Bowls & Sticks


$20 All profit goes to THOH

Tibetan Awakened Heart - Tenzin  

Heart Sutra - Tenzin Chorgral

Live Ananda - Krishna Das

Tibetan Mala Beads
Hand selected and brought home from Tibet!

Tashi and Tashi Products Organic Massage & Bath Oil Lavendar & Rosemary 

Krishna Das CD - Live at Ananda, Tenzen Chegul - Awaken Heart

Tashi and Tashi Massage Oil



Spring Hoodies 
Long Sleeve Shirts

New Spring Blue Hoddies


Assorted Shirts
Summer White Tank $20

Racer Back Burnouts $30

Pink Cami Tops        $20

Long Sleeve Army     $26

Racer Back Purple Burnout

Hand sculpted Tibetan Incense Burners
$14.95, $17.95

Each box is one of a kind, with different carvings and metal inlays. Holds upto 15 incense in the bottom for storage. The top is closed and keeps all the ash neat.

Tibetan Hand Carved Incense Burners


Nag Champa Incense (imported)
$3 per box 

Triloka Chakra Incense 

$3 per package



Triloka Chakra Incense


Meditation Benches
Made to order using clear grain solid hardwood Poplar
Unfinished ready for you to paint or stain



Large Tibetan Dharma Prayer Flags

$20 for each strand of 21 flags

Enjoy our long-lasting and durable flags, as an inspiring gift for anyone on any occasion!

We offer two varieties of flags in the traditonal elemental colors; blue-space/either, white-water, red- fire, green-air, yellow-earth. Each strand has twenty one flags. Our most popular flags are “Green Tara.” Additionally, we have “Lungta” prayer flag, Lungta, the Windhorse, means 'prayer flags.'

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama Quotes. 

Each Scroll comes wrapped in 100% recycled paper.

(2)Looking Within
(3)Cherishing Others
(5)Religious Diversity

Paper $3 each or two for $5
Cloth $5 each


Forgiveness Scroll - Words from His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama