Tibetan Home of Hope Newsletter (September 2009)

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PHOTOGRAPHER: JULIE GOTTESMAN spent time at Tibetan Home of Hope to work on her upcoming book: Through a Child's Eye - What it Means to be Young, Hopeful and Tibetan

"What started out as an offer to help photograph the daily life of the kids at the school, turned into a once in lifetime journey. I had the opportunity to work with close to 20 children, individually giving them cameras to photograph and document their own lives, through which I caught a glimpse of what it means to be young, hopeful and Tibetan. While my pictures will serve as a visual log to my trip, the photographs the children took, the words they used to describe their thoughts, and feelings will forever be a treasure to me and hopefully everyone else."

Bonnie Yoga.jpg
YOGA MASTER: BONNIE RINGER: demonstrates a yoga possition

Bonnie and her daughter Ellie brought necessities and clothing they collected through friends and through Bonnie's Yoga Shala.Besides teaching the children yoga each day, Bonnie helped out by doing various chores - and she even cleaned and mopped the girls outhouse! Ellie spent her time getting to know the children, giving English lessons, as well as reading to them.


BONNIE'S DAUGHTER ELLIE reading to the children:

Here the children enjoy Ellie reading to them the wonderful book, "Happy Dog" donated by artist and author Lisa Grubb. This is a great book full of the bright, bold paintings for which Lisa Grubb is loved world-wide.  The children also received six posters hung by Bonnie in their dorm rooms donated by Lisa Grubb from The Happy Dog Gallery in Piermont, NY. 

sonam Tsedon.jpgSONAM TSO with a bird she knit with Kathy & Lei

Children made their ownknitting needles by using a pencil sharpener and wooden dowels Kathy brought with her. We look forward to future knitting projects including wool sheared from Tibetan Home of Hope's 150 sheep grazing on the hill side.

Without a doubt, the past three months have brought a lot of changes to the lives of those who have returned home from Tibet, as well as the staff and children in Tibet. It is with great sincerity that we thank those who traveled and shared their talents, compassions and time. The next stages of progress for Tibetan Home of Hope are vital ones. There are growing demands for expansion due to the increasing need to assist the children of Tibet. Please be sure to renew your sponsorships and invite your friends and family to make donations to Tibetan Home of Hope. Together, we can make a difference.

We look forward to sharing more news of travel and improvements from Tibetan Home of Hope

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Comments on News from Tibetan Home of Hope‎

"I'm very proud of you and Ellie, and happy to be in your inner circle of blessings." ~ Sheperd Ringer

" I love what Tashi had to say about you, but even better I love that you took such an amazing trip in spite of your fear of going.  You're so couragous. Love you.  Warm Regards," ~ Rick Gifford

"Thanks for the photos and the hard work in Tibet. I am so happy that the boards got hung."  ~ Sue Frosch 

"Thank you soooooooooooooo much!"- Dear Bonnie-- " Thank you so much for taking our dolls over to the THOH "  ~ Murphy

"Thank you, thank you‎ - Hi Bonnie -- WOW -- how great to see those faces of the children and you all there doing Yoga." ~ Suzanne Dickerson