Naturally Intuitive

Bonnie has the unique natural ability to channel Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides, & often receives messages from the Other Side during her classes, casual encounters, & at her many workshops. She became aware of this connection to the spirit and energy realm at the age of eight, when her Great Grandmother died. 
Bonnie can see and interpret the subtle, luminous energy field around each person, known as your Aura. 
She gives private On-on-One Spiritual Health & Healing readings by connecting to the Divine Energy of the true-self.  Her Psychic Readings help to heal your mind, and settle your emotional self.

She is able to answer questions about the why & what of past situations, present day events in relationship to your job, marriage, dreams, love, birth, health, death and other questions you might have. She will often give you the answer before you have asked the question. It's not that she is reading your mind... she just gets the information directly from source.... 

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