By coming to our yoga practice with a joyous heart, you set the intention for your practice - planting the positive seeds needed to grow to a higher vibration. The higher vibration then allows each breath to flow and is the key to unlock the cage to freedom in your asana practice. As the asanas feel sweeter, you then begin freeing your body. You breathe easily and effortlessly. Now the magic of the practice begins. The monkey mind becomes still, quiet, and clear; so quiet that the intuitive voice can be heard. All the answers are clear and finding your way to the next step up the mountain is easier, sweeter, and more joyous than any other journey forward. You have found your "Yoga Bliss." One with all universal energy!

Shiva: Shiva is the Hindu/Vedic Destroyer of the Universe. Vedic legend has it that whenever the Asuras (Demons) come to dominate the Universe, Shiva is reincarnated to destroy that evil Universe. Shiva has many names. Mahadev, the Supreme God, Natraja, the Lord of the Dance, Ishwara, the Controller of the Universe. Shiva is also known for coming to the aid of those who practice Yoga and Meditation. His touch is enough to create enlightenment in even the most undeveloped soul. Shiva lives on Mount Kailash, an ice capped peak in the Himalayas. His invocation (Mantra) is: Om Nameh Shiva