Master Class

The Master class (workshops) are for the serious-minded yogi/yogini's and teachers of all lineages, who are thirsty for more! Those who are looking to take their practice to a higher level of consciousness. For anyone who is Tired of being stuck and for those who want to simply and truthfully witness their changes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A longer and more challenging Bonnie's Yoga Shala / Shakti Namaskara® Vinyasa Flow practice that will focus on easy movements of 



arm balances, 

deeper back bendings (Spring & Summer), 

as well as folding deeply inward (Fall/Winter). Learn how to erase old tapes of fear messages in your mind and DISCOVER the wonderful feelings of being light, effortless and floating, in your body, as if you are just swaying on a hammock in the breeze, or even better yet, simply sitting in the lap of GOD. When appropriate for the group at large, I will introduce and include helpful restorative arcoyoga & some yoga therapy adjustments. Conclusion will have Japa Mantra, a deep healing guided yoga nidra (yoga sleep) and meditation.

Fee:  $50.00

Time: 10:30-1:00

Date: November 26, 2017

Upcoming dates TBD: December 2017

SUNDAY February 2018 AT 10:30 - 1:00

February 2017 Heart ❤️ Openings — 💕February 12, 2017💕
Master Intensive with 
Bonnie Ringer, CYT, E-RYT500, Yogini, Healing Arts Meditation Therapy Practitioner, Naturally Intuitive Psychic Medium & 
Light Worker 🦋

Open Your Heart with a Friend, Lover Or Partner!

Sunday, Valentines Day Special 
February   2018
Time: 10:30-1:00

Day off-$50

Experience the exhilaration and joy in life with Heart Openers 💟

Using your breath to deepen your Back bends and Crescent Moons in this two hour special workshop, is the key to leave you feeling healthy, happy and in love! Learn the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of the back bending poses in yoga and take your practice to the next level. As always, we'll go step by step through the alignment needed to deepen the basic back bending poses for beginners and intermediate students. The workshop is designed to keep you safe and injury free while you explore the outer limits of you comfort zone.

Bonnie’s teaching style is casual and lighthearted, so come prepared to have fun!


Past Master Classes