Maha (Great) Practice

"By giving your attention and intentions to the wiser, broader, all knowing, true divine self, light source inside of you, & every living thing, you take your practice from the mere ordinary to the extra~ordinary possessing magical powers that transcends you physically, emotionally, and spiritually."  Bonnie Ringer

Each wonderful 3 hour immersion begins with beautiful devotional Kirtan, Pranayama (breath control) and Sound Vibration for Psychic development. It continues with a in-depth, challenging Dharma Yoga® Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa practice.

Experience the exhilaration, lightness and true joy of re-births with backbends, forearm balances & inversions sure to change your life.  Allow your practice to go further, deeper, sweeter then ever before. You will get the extra personal support you need to become stronger and more flexible. Feel the pure bliss in life with your practice, aligning you into the present conscious moment. Experience your true "light". Learn beautiful partnering yoga within the open sacred space you've created. Concluding with deep healing relaxation and meditation. 

Intermediate and advanced yogis
"My blessings to Bonnie Ringer for helping spread the love and compassion
 embedded in the Dharma Yoga system. 
May she help transform the lives of others for years to come."

—Dharma Mittra

Registration is required for this Special Maha Practice to guarantee your spot. 
February 17, 2013 11:30AM-2:30PM 

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