Inversions, Backbends, and Forearm Balance at Juluka Yoga 2/13/2011


Juluka Yoga Studio
Juluka Yoga Studio


394 Hillsdale Ave, Hillsdale, NJ 07642




Inversions, Backbends & Arm Balance Workshop
Eka WheelVisvamitraBeach handstand
Experience the true re-birth of inversions. Allow your asana practice to go further and deeper! In this combination workshop of inversions and backbends you will receive the support you need to become stronger and more flexible. Experience your true light in flight, the exhilaration of backbends and the joy of life as inversions put you into the conscious present moment.
Bonnie will lead you step by step through the alignment, placing and timing for easy execution. The workshop is designed to keep you safe and injury free while you explore the outer limits of your comfort zone. For intermediate and advanced students. (If you are hesitant about your "readiness" for this program, call me. 201-638-6828. Mandy)

Bonnie Ringer -Presenter


Bonnie's had a personal practice for over twenty five years. She's been teaching for thirteen of them, and became a Certified Yoga Teacher back in 2002. She is a faculty member of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health with ongoing presentations of the "If not now, when?" 3 day workshop & 5 day Immersions.  She is a strict vegetarian and believes in compassion for all living things.  Her yoga practice took her to new heights, specifically the Roof of the world, Tibet.  As her practice grew and became stronger, sweeter, more connected to God in every living thing, she found herself deep in her spiritual journey up the mountains of Tibet.   She donates her time and money, here and in Tibet to the Tibetan Home of Hope Orphanage (THOH).  She's been blessed twice by Amma ~ Divine Mother. Her teachers are all "world renowned" -  Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa with Master Sri Dharma Mittra (she is a Dharma Yoga Registered Teacher and attends weekly practice of level 4/5 Master class for 3 years), Ashtanga with David Swenson, Soft Flow with Doug Swenson, 2nd Series Ashtanga with David Williams, Forrest Yoga with Ana Forrest, Maya Yoga (Iyengar & Ashtanga Fusion) with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini, Ashtanga Primary series with the late Master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Tripsichore Yoga with Edward Clark, Hatha Yoga (Katonah style) with Nevine Michaan, YogicArts with creator Duncan Wong, Hatha Yoga, and Meditation & Pranayama with Linda Cali for ten years.

Date            February 5th, 2011 Saturday
Time            1:30pm-4:30pm
Location:      Juluka Yoga Stduio,
                   394 Hillsdale Ave, Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Cost:            $45
Pre-registraion is required. We are strctly limited the number of students.